The Clone Wars
Eeth Koth

I recently had a chance to chat with actor Chris Edgerly about voicing Eeth Koth in Season 2 of The Clone Wars!

How did your voice acting career begin?
"My voice acting career essentially began in Orlando in the mid-nineties. I was touring as a stand-up comedian and doing a little acting as well, and managed to get a job or two around Orlando. Before I moved to Los Angeles, I booked the part of Spiderman and J. Jonah Jameson on the amazing adventures of Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure theme park. The recording took a few sessions over about two years, and by the time we finished I had already moved to Los Angeles. I did a little more work for Universal and they got me a meeting with an agent, and things took off from there."

What other roles have you had that fans might recognize you from?
"People tend to know me from my role of "Peter Potamus" on "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" on Adult Swim, "Nick Diamond" and "Judge Mills Lane" on "Celebrity Deathmatch." Lately I've been getting some "Naruto" attention as the character "Hidan.""

Are you a Star Wars fan yourself?
"I am a Star Wars fan, of course. But I'm old enough to have seen the original "Star Wars" in the theater five times. Come to think of it, I saw "Empire" five times, and "Jedi" probably at least two or three. I've seen all six episodes in the theater, but "A New Hope," "The Empire Strikes Back," and "Return of the Jedi" were a part of my childhood. They're special. And my brothers and I had all the toys, too. When the "Droids" cartoon was on in the mid-eighties, I watched that as well. And I loved that Stewart Copeland scored it and it sounded like Sting sang the theme song. In the eighties, that was as awesome as it got."

How did you get the role of Eeth Koth in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
"I actually just auditioned for the role like everyone else. And luckily, they chose me."

How did it feel to play a Jedi Master that was actually resurrected by Dave Filoni and George Lucas to make an appearance in the show?
"It would have been cool to play any character on the show, but to know that they resurrected a character to bring him onto the show - a Jedi no less - feels especially cool."

Do you have any cool stories to share about your experience recording your lines for The Clone Wars?
"In recording the lines, I don't have any exotic experiences to relate; just that working with Dave was very smooth. He knew what he wanted, was very helpful in explaining the details of the story and the universe to me, and it was over too soon. I had to record on my own as my schedule didn't allow me to join the rest of the cast. It happens quite a lot in the voice over world."

Eeth Koth was originally going to be killed off in Grievous Intrigue, but Dave Filoni decided that he's an interesting character that can show up again in the future. Do you have any knowledge of whether or not Eeth Koth will be making another appearance in the show soon?
"Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not Eeth Koth will appear again, and while I make no guarantees, I have a good feeling about it. And if for some reason we never see him again, I think he served a noble purpose."

What's your impression of the character of Eeth Koth?
"My impression of Eeth Koth is that he's courageous and selfless. Exactly what you would expect from a Jedi, right?"

If you could choose any Classic Trilogy Star Wars character to voice in The Clone Wars, who would it be and why?
"If I could choose any character to voice (besides the one I'm already voicing of course; be thankful for what you have I always say), I'd probably choose Han Solo. Could you blame me?"

Interview by David Delgado.